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  1. What is the Cash Surfing Network?

  2. How do I join the 6 site?

    You just need to click on Step1 or the "Cash Surfing Network" navigation menu link. Then you will click the "On Click Signup" buttons for each of the 6 Core Sites. An account will be create with the same information you used to signup to CSN with.

  3. I signed up for an affiliate account before, why did I have to signup again?

    In short, when the concept of the Cash Surfing Network was created, there was no membership attached to it. Since we've made the decision to convert it to a full membership site, we were forced to require signups again to create accounts. For more information or background info, please watch the video below.

  4. Which affiliate link should I be using?

    If you created an affiliate link in the original system you had a 2 or 3 digit affiliate ID. In the new membership system your affiliate ID is 4 digits or more. You'll want to use the new affiliate ID found on the Affiliate Tools page (which is the 4 digit number or higher following "?rid=" in your affiliate links).

  5. I signed up to the six core CSN sites, where is my $12.00 in signup bonuses?

    The $12.00 can be found on each of the 6 core CSN sites ($2.00 at each site). The amount is added to new members on the CSN Cash Log found in the members back office on the Traffic Exchanges.

  6. How do I claim the cash prizes?

    Surf 555 pages in each of the six core TEs and claim the prize daily. Watch the video for more details

  7. Is there any other training available??

  8. My question is still not answered, can I open a support ticket?

    Absolutely, You can Contact Us now to open a support ticket, you can call our @ , contact us on skype (, , , or ), or send us an email ().

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